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Thus, unfortunately, Rabbit is no longer what it used to be a few years ago.Rabbit, otherwise called rabb.it was one of the top-notch video real-time features that have empowered various individuals to peruse and watch a similar substance continuously. Unfortunately, Rabb.it is not, at this point accessible for video real-time as it has been gained by Kast. The hare was closed down in May 2019 and was basically an electronic gathering visit with the video transfer. All things considered, we comprehend you most likely miss Rabbit real-time features and along these lines, we have accumulated an elite of best Rabbit alternatives for you. Take a look at these alternatives and keep enjoying watching videos and movies in groups.

Best Rabbit Alternatives to Look For in 2020

1. &Chill

&Chill - Best Rabbit Alternative

One of the most well-known choices for Rabbit will be &chill TV. This real-time feature gives a similar video content sharing office however with an awesome twist. You can make rooms here and afterward get situated in the venue styled room. As per your decision of seat, your screen view will be balanced. The public/private rooms can be made with no registration. Go along with others and have a great time viewing your number one video content from YouTube and different destinations. Pick &chill TV as the best Rabbit options 2020.


  • Theater see makes it an interesting experience
  • Best video real-time
  • Watch recordings with others on the web.
  • Can use without signing in.

Website – andchill.tv

2. myCircle.tv

myCircle.tv - site like Rabbit

Another astonishing video streaming channel to use as an alternative to Rabbit is myCircle.tv . Much the same as Watch2Gether, you can stream on myCircle.tv for nothing and with no registration. Just open myCircle.tv on your browser and begin watching along with your companions by making a room. Even though you are allowed to, create your account for streaming videos online, you can also do this without signing up if you do not want to. This astonishing streaming channel is anything but difficult to explore and lets you set up a private talk room claimed by you.


  • Social hare feature to invite friends to join you.
  • Make your own private chat room.
  • Lets you transfer documents to myCloud.

Website – mycircle.tv

3. Rave

Rave - Best Rabbit Alternative

A streaming service for cell phones is very convenient, right? Rave is a social media platform offering you and your friends to tag along and partake in together the content you love on tablets and mobiles. It further consummately synchronizes recordings while talking and messaging. Rave is one more alternative to Rabbit streaming service and is accessible for the two iOS and Android gadgets. It highlights real-time content from YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive, and DropBox, and so forth On your Android or iOS application, you have to sign in with either Twitter, Facebook or Google, to begin streaming. It says, together is the new alone.


  • Watch shows, films, or tune in to music along with your friends.
  • Talk while browsing content.
  • Create an instant speaker system by combining your phones.

Website – rave.io

4. Kast

Kast - Site Like Rabb.it

As expressed initially, Rabbit or Rabb.it is obtained by Kast. This is one of the Rabbit options 2020 we can’t miss referencing in the rundown. With Kast, watch parties are made simple. You can share films, TV shows, games, and anything you desire with more than 100 individuals. You can create a room on either of the platforms from web, desktop, or mobile. Alongside watching films and TV shows you can even mess around and share the video gaming involvement with constant.


  • Accessible on practically all platforms for example web, Mac, Windows, and iOS versatile.
  • Host watch parties for at least 100 individuals.
  • Interface with companions any place they are.
  • Watch video content from Tubi.

Website – kast.gg

5. Netflix Party

Netflix Party - Best Rabbit Alternative

Netflix Party is one more co-watching platform and an incredible Rabbit alternative in  2020. The main constraint with this web-based feature is that it is just implied for streaming Netflix content. You and your companions need to introduce the expansion before sharing your video involvement with one another. Utilizing Netflix Party is as straightforward as utilizing Netflix. Log in to your Netflix account and select a video, make a Netflix Party, and welcome your companions. Appreciate similar shows and motion pictures progressively.


  • Just accessible for the Chrome program.
  • Remain in sync with your friends watching Netflix shows.
  • Redo your Netflix Party.

Website – netflixparty.com

6. Sync Video

Sync Video - Rabbit Alternative

Sync Play works extraordinary for viewing the videos accessible on YouTube alongside others on the web. It’s one of the most searched after Rabbit choices in 2020 with a video streaming service to offer the least difficulty. You likewise get the visiting area underneath the video to impart. Different settings and playlists totally appear in the same spot. Sending invites supported by Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit.


  • Easy communication with companions.
  • Best for viewing YouTube videos together.
  • Text alongside.
  • Add videos to Playlists.

Website – sync-video.com

7. MetaStream

MetaStream - Alternative for Rabbit

Metastream is an extraordinary Rabbit alternative 2020 with the streaming service on Discord servers. For internet browsers, it is additionally accessible as an augmentation to play video sharing with friends. It fills in as a decent decision for watching shows and films alongside others sitting far away. Send simple invites without registration and watch videos on your PCs from anyplace on the planet.


  • Watch recordings with your gaming friends.
  • Play games with friends.
  • Permits playlists.
  • Room settings customization.

Website – getmetastream.com

8. CyTube

CyTube - Rabbit Alternatives

CyTu.be is an alternative to Rabbit, where you can watch videos with your friends. It works on an internet browser which is useful for both PC and mobile phone users. Without login, you can just join different rooms and watch video streaming. To play your media, make your own channel after registration. It requires a user script to play videos.


  • Text with all the individuals in your room.
  • Video portrayal is accessible for each room.
  • Free video web-based feature.

Website – cytu.be

9. SyncPlay

SyncPlay - Best Rabbit Alternatives

SyncPlay is to watch out as another pleasant alternative to Rabbit in 2020. It is a product that should be introduced on your gadget to play recordings in sync with other friends. It expects you to have the video records on your system saved locally. This encourages you to transfer videos on your system in sync with others. SyncPlay Client utilizes the data on your media player and associates you to the server.


  • Great media player.
  • Accessible for Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Individual watchers can stop together.

Website – syncplay.pl


Gaze - Top Rabbit Alternatives

Gaze is one of the alternatives to Rabbit and known for its registration free streaming service. It allows you to watch videos and other content in sync with your friends by creating a chat room without signing up. It is an online video streaming service that is easy to use and lets you invite other users to join the chat. The video streaming is restricted to supported platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook. Vimeo  and  Dailymotion.


  • Watch videos, listen to music.
  • Integrated chat room to text your friends.
  • Share and play local audio and video files.

Website – letsgaze.com

So, if you’re looking for a Rabbit .Then, above is a list of 10  best Rabbit alternatives that actually work like Rabb.it in 2020.


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