Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Release Date

Xiaomi has been known for bringing people the affordable versions of next-gen gadgets to common people. The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is set to release next month, i.e. June 2020. This time, it is Xiaomi Mi Band 5. However, the excitement around the release has given speculation to how Mi Band 6 would be.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 did create a lot of buzz before its launch. However, people looking for aesthetics were a bit disappointed looking at the near-same design as Xiaomi Mi Band 3. If you had a spare strap from your Mi Band 3, you could use it for your Mi Band 4. The Mi Band 6 would have a better design, without compromising on its waterproof protection feature. If the makers of the band read the sentiments of the users right, we may even have the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 in some cool colours and designs.

Though the Internet has a little clue about how Mi Band 6 would be, we have found information through leaks and rumours. Below we have tried to tell you what all we know about the next-gen Mi Band 6.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Release Date

As discussed previously, the Mi Band 5 is expected to witness its release in June/July 2020. Looking at the pattern of the launch of the previous versions of the Mi Bands, we can estimate that Mi Band 6 will release nearly June 2021.Though, its purly based on our research and analysis, which we believe this to be true. We keep you informed about the launch of Xiaomi Band 6 as soon as any news arrived. So, stay tuned for latest new and rumors about the release date.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Features

mi band 6 features

Calories Intake and Burned

Being a fitness tracker of a popular brand, Mi Band 6 might have an additional feature that helps you track down the total calories that you consumed vs the calories burned.

Goal Setting

We have all heard of fitness apps that help set goals. To enhance the workout experience of the fitness enthusiasts, Mi Band 6 might offer the goal-setting feature.


Imagine practising for a marathon or a timed workout session. You do not want to pop your smartphone out just to use the stopwatch feature. While the Mi Band 4 did lack many features, these might better save up for the Mi Band 6.


So, a fitness band is gradually striving to do what a standard smartphone does—albeit being compact. How can we not mention one of the primary features, i.e. setting up alarm? Mi Band 6 may get you busy with its alarm setting feature as well.

Access to email

As we are moving to the compact version of the smartphone, access to your mailbox is a necessary feature. While it may be too early to expect the feature in the very upcoming model, there is a high probability that the Mi Band 6 would provide you with your mailbox at your wrist.

Access to Music

Mi Band 6 Music Feature

Yet another additional and exciting feature that would set the stage for the Mi Band 6 would be the access to music. Currently, the Mi Band 4 provides you with the option to receive incoming calls. However, the next and the next-to-next versions would give you the leeway to use your band and your phone irreplaceably with the entertainment pack.

Watch Faces

Talking about the display, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 came in with the option to change the watch faces. In the new version, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 could provide the option to import your own watch face into the library and use it.


The Mi Band 4 got a better display with AMOLED coloured display. The users were quite enthralled to experience the coloured display. While the same display may be found in the Mi Band 5, the makers of the band will have to adapt to the Super AMOLED for Mi Band 6 to beat their counterparts.

Power Consumption and Battery Life

The Mi Band 4 is built with LIPo, 135mAh battery, with a standby time of up to 20 days. The battery life may remain as is in the subsequent version, as it is already better than the other bands from the company.

Screen Size

Apple Watches are still considered as the standard that Mi Bands need to follow in terms of the screen size. The screen size of the Apple Watch Series 5 is 1.78 inch, while that of Mi band 4 is 0.95 inch. Clearly, Mi band 5 and 6 would see improvement in their screen size, as these are intended to do more than just track the heart-rate and time.

On similar lines, screen resolution of Mi Band 6 may also get better. If we are lucky, the Mi Band 6 might also get a 3D Touch Touchscreen.

GPS Sensor

If there’s one thing amiss in the Band 4 that is direly needed in the subsequent models, it is the GPS sensor. Since the 5th Series of the Apple Watch already have it, the makers would consider integrating the sensor in Mi Band 6, if not in the 5th band.

Heart Rate Monitoring System

Mi Band 6 Health Rate Monitoring System

Being a fitness tracker, Mi Bands are expected to show an accurate heart rate. While Mi Band 4 failed to monitor precise heart rate during intense workout sessions, there might be a significant improvement in the next and the subsequent model.

Multiple Payment Options

Currently, the makers provide the option to the users to buy the Mi Band 4 with and without NFC. The NFC technology is nothing but a means to enable contactless payment using the AliPay wallet. With the diversification of the payment apps, it is possible that the Mi Band 6 might have multiple wallet options.

SpO2 Measurement

According to the allegedly true information, the all-new Xiaomi Mi Band 6 would have the SpO2 measurement support system, which will provide information about the Blood Pressure levels.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking

The menstrual cycle tracking support is likely to be integrated into the 5th generation Mi Band. Based on the review of the Mi Band 5, the Mi Band 6 would get a better and more accurate version of the menstrual cycle tracking system.

Alexa Assistant

If we believe the buzz, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is going to have an Amazon Alexa Support System. So, you can ask for it to do things; however, it supposedly would have a mic. The speaker is likely to be absent in this version.

In the subsequent version, the company might take a chance to incorporate a speaker as well.

Mi Band 6: How Would it be and How Would We Want it to be

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 boasts a variety of health and fitness options. When we look at the price, it is just 5% of the Apple Watch, 6% of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, and 9% of the Fossil Gen 5 Watch.

The price of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 would be on a higher side, considering the integration of the advanced features and improved display options. It would cost you around USD 45 to USD 50. The charging kit and the Bluetooth versions would see an upgrade. The full-charging time in Xiaomi Mi Band 6 would significantly reduce to one-one and a half hours.

Given the increase in the functionalities, the Mi Band 6 would need more RAM. Though the RAM would not be in GBs, we can expect it to be at least 5 MB as compared to the 512KB of Mi Band 4. Additionally, it would also have a better touchscreen, battery, and appeal. You may expect limited editions of the Mi Band 6 making rounds too; however, to know which watch faces it would have, we need to track the then releases of Marvel Studios.


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